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Best Value Nursing Kurung, Premium Quality, Longgar Menutup Aurat Size: XS
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Material: Milk Silk Smooth fabric (kain licin, soft as silk)

*This is special fabric that we use for our Qissara Zara. it easycare and beautiful at very much affordable price.
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Nursing baju kurung, with special nursing opening at centre.

Has extra chest covering layer inside, no zip or button.

Easy to use, only flip to breastfeeding.

Skirt (Kain) : A- cut

Ciri Istimewa: Berpoket

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Soft cool material, stretchable but does not cling to body like certain lycra. Easycare fabric, washing maschine or handwash, advised not to dry under direct hot sunlight for colour care. Easy to dry, easy to iron, very minimal ironing needed, once ironed and cooled, can be fold nicely (will not be significantly crumpled), can be wear without ironing again and maintain your smooth dress even on busy day.

Highly stretchable fabric that keep you free to move and keep the design chic and style.

For the skirt (kain baju kurung)

Highly stretchable waist. For maternity, this Qissara Zara usually can be wear up to during second trimester (bulan ke-6) -depends on abdominal girth. 

A-cut Cutting (Different with QZ 1xx - straight cut cutting)

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