Qissara Aurora QA208, Size M

Nursing and maternity, no zip, stretchable and supercomfy fabric. Feel it, love it! Size: M
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Material: Milk Silk Velvet : Selesa, mudah gosok/ tak perlu gosok terutama warna gelap. Tak mudah kedut, kekal licin sepanjang hari, tak panas, tak jarang.

Ada lipatan istimewa di kiri dan kanan supaya baju boleh expand semasa preggy. Walau preggy 9 bulan pun boleh! 

Proper covering for muslim lady (muslimah). Also a modest fashion for non-muslim.
Cover properly, with comfort and style.

Easy care fabric: Easy to clean and dry, normal washing machine setting, advised not to dry under direct sunlight for fabric color to last longer. Easy to iron, not easy to crumple. 
Easy to handle for busy mom; Iron-fold-take and wear ( will not crumple when fold properly)

Not clinging to body like certain lycra.
Not thin but not stuffy to wear, try our special milk silk fabric attire now!

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