Baby Ruffle Sedondon Blouse Shirt (Yellow)

Sedondon Mummy and Princess Size: Princess
Size : M
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Baby Ruffle Collection SEDONDON 

(Mummy and Princess) 



πŸ’“ Material : Cotton Tshirt High Quality

πŸ’“ Ironless / min and easy ironing. 

πŸ’“Cutting A

πŸ’“Round Neck

πŸ’“Selesa, Serap Peluh & Tahan Lasak


Available COLOR :

1. BLACK with Floral Ruffle Print

2. RED with Floral Ruffle Print

3. GOLDEN YELLOW with Floral Ruffle Print

4. DARK GREEN with Floral Ruffle Print

5. ROYAL PURPLE with Floral Ruffle Print



Baby Ruffle for PRINCESS 



πŸ› Retail Price for PRINCESS : 

XS - M : RM 35

L - 2XL : RM39



Baby Ruffle for MUMMY 



Added Value: 

πŸ’“> Side Pocket (Right)

πŸ’“> Nursing Friendly (buttons)

πŸ’“> Wudhu' Friendly 


πŸ› Retail Price for MUMMY : 

M - XL : RM42

2XL-3XL : RM45


*Price EXCLUDE postage

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