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Bamboo charcoal Inner and Insert. Pocket Cloth Diaper. Type closure: Velcro
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Bamboo charcoal cloth diapers by qissara.
Pocket cloth diapers : Adjustable for newborn till 3 years

Available both BUTTON or VELCRO closure.

Beza ciri2 keduanya:
Button closure: double gusset CD, double pocket opening.

Velcro closure: Single gusset. Single pocket opening

Pengalaman Kak Siti sendiri:
Menggunakan dan menjual BAMBOO CHARCOAL cloth diapers sejak mula cloth diapering 5 years ago.
Reason utama Kak Siti pilih bamboo charcoal
✔No stain problem
✔No allergy problem (my kids allergy to dispo diapers, suede and microfleece)
✔Sangat susah utk jadi mold/berkulat (for me never happen)

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